Tina Cannon


Ms. Cannon is currently a Senior Policy Analyst for Austin City Council, District 10. Prior to her work in politics, Ms. Cannon has been a seasoned entrepreneur and is currently a Partner with Napkin Venture, an entrepreneurial advisory firm that provides assistance with legal, branding, strategy and drop-in C-level support for startups. Ms. Cannon is the co-founder of PreAccelerate, a pre-seed stage incubator in Austin, TX. She was the CEO and co-founder of PetsMD.com, the leading online pet health resource acquired in 2011. She was also the co-founder of Book-a-Vet, a spin-off company post acquisition of PetsMD. Ms. Cannon served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Texas State University and has been a guest blogger for CBSNews.com. She has been a featured presenter at various technology events. Ms. Cannon has mentored numerous start-up businesses throughout Austin. Prior to her entrepreneur experience, Ms. Cannon was a financial auditor and business consultant in the private sector. Cannon graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting.