Richard Eppel


My name is Richard Eppel and I am a Managing Director at Navidar, one of the fastest growing M&A and capital raising investment banking firms in the middle corridor of the United States. In addition to my role at Navidar, I am a Managing Director at Denary, a corporate advisory firm helping companies accelerate value creation.

For over 30 years, I have been a business leader in the hi-tech industry. With my results-oriented approach and powerful analytical, strategic, and communication skills, I specialize in corporate turnarounds for a wide range of organizations. My focus is on developing team-based, strategically oriented companies capable of effectively responding to a rapidly changing marketplace.

In 2011, I joined the team at Denary, where I help organizations accelerate their value creation through internal growth initiatives and strategic transactions. Denary’s corporate development work is focused on creating a robust vision, developing strategies and processes to improve profitability, and working with leadership and executive teams to instill a strong culture throughout the organization.