Len Chermack


I have been a Venture & P/E backed Leader in C-level roles (a true Sales & Marketing CEO, President and CRO) who has led successful global turnarounds and hyper growth in multiple companies, from fledgling venture backed Startups, stagnant Mid-Market software companies and to a Top 3 Global Enterprise Software entity in trouble. The ability to identify the core issues, strategically assess the market opportunities, and to champion the employee workforce to passionately seize the opportunity has defined my career.
Looking beyond advisor roles for operating roles in:
• SaaS /PaaS/ITaaS & Cloud software and infrastructure companies
• ERP, Supply Chain, CRM , Healthcare IT, IT Services, Mobile and Social Technologies;
• A CRM Pioneer with several co founding startups, 2- IPO’s and several successful M&A’s
I am Native San Franciscan who lives in Frisco, TX (the Irony of that).