Gary Forni


Chief Executive Officer with proven track record of growing companies from early-stage on. As an entrepreneur and investor I focus on disruptive technologies with the potential to overturn large established markets. The right idea is one that solves problems that are pervasive, urgent and customers are willing to pay for. I am not interested in technology for technology’s sake, it must solve a customer problem – and the best way to know is to ask them! In large corporations I have a history of turning multi-million dollar product lines and businesses from market share losers to growth machines through an established pattern of long-term strategy, short term goals and disciplined organizational focus on top customers. Results focused with emphasis on change-able thinking in large corporations and chaos management in start-ups. Adept at starting new businesses within a larger corporate environment. World-class business partnering expertise having built organizations at multiple companies domestically as well as in China, Japan, Sweden and Brazil.