David Smith


David is a business leader who excels at innovation and leading companies and teams to achieve great results. He is a futurist, high tech manager and technologist with over 30 years of experience. Products he designed have been chosen to launch at DEMO and he excels at incubating emerging technology and market strategy for next-generation products & services.. He is an expert at relating these emerging trends to the specific interests of clients and providing a future-focused analysis of what developments and opportunities can be expected in the near and more distant future in a particular industry or organization.
He leads companies, delivers consulting and research services that focus on the broad, emerging trends of the technological future. He delivers presentations and keynote addresses at industry conferences and events, leadership meetings, and universities around the world. Recent presentations include keynote speeches for the U.S. Senate Conference on Emerging Technology, Information Management Forum—CIO Leadership Conference, 7-11, Chevron-Texaco Visioning Conference, and Lockheed-Martin Technology Leadership Conference. As a noted futurist, Mr. Smith is regularly quoted by news-papers and industry publications. Recent broadcasts of National Public Radio (NPR) and issues of Business Week, American Demographics, and Intel’s Circuit News prominently feature his views on technology trends.