Texas and Tijuana Create Relationship to Promote Entrepreneurship

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Read the full article in Frontera.InfoHow to make a pitch

This past week, Kevin Koym, Tech Ranch CEO, traveled down to MINDHub in Tijuana to help not only build additional bridges for Tech Ranch in Mexico but to help inspire entrepreneurship. He ran a multiple day workshop called “How to Make a Pitch” which guided individuals through our method of incubating a business idea. We wanted to share some of the pictures with you and encourage you to read/translate the full article above to learn more about this new international initiative!

About MINDHub:

Founded in 2011 in the heart of Tijuana’s financial district, MIND (Mexico Innovation and Development) Hub is collaborative space for development, innovation and creativity for tech entrepreneurs that create products and services bringing added value the ecosystem of the Cali-Baja mega region.

The Development Hub was funded by ArkusNexus, a nearhore software development firm that offers technological solutions to national and international customers through managed dedicated teams.

We leverage our experience, network, infrastructure, creative, design and technology teams to develop go-to-market strategies.

With a 10,000 sq. ft. facility, MIND Hub fosters 8 startups that offer their services in different industries such as medical, education, business solutions and financial.

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Tech Ranch Mentor Event Success!

Mentor 1

While we have been working with our mentors for quite awhile, we haven’t been hosting official mentor events – until now! With a growing set of smart, successful mentors to help our entrepreneurs, we had to find a mentor 2fun way to give them the opportunity to get to know us. Our first event was a panel to introduce our participating mentors and a mentor speed dating session where choice entrepreneurs got to spend 15 minutes each with four different mentors.

Throughout the event we heard tons of good advice, deep conversations around different topics and offers to “follow-up” soon. In our eyes (and those of our attendees since we surveyed them :)) it was a resounding success! We want to give a special thank you to the mentors who participated:

Ben Ramirez – World Affairs Council of Austin

Rudy Rosen – Meadow’s Center at Texas State Universitymentor 3

David Johnston – Decentralized Applications Fund

R.C. Rondero de Mosier – MWR Legal

Steve Maysonave – 6fusion

Pete Monfre – Clarity Marketing Support

Brian Massey – Conversion Sciencesmentor 4

Round Rock ExpressOur next event? Tech Ranch night at the Dell Diamond! Mentors will be networking at the pre-game tailgate and joining us for a night of baseball.

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BlogathonATX – Coming 9.26.15

Blogathon 1

Blogathon 2Written by: Evin Cooper

BlogathonATX is the premiere annual Austin-based blogging event and this fall, Blogathon will be taking over TechRanch for the 5th time. While some blogging conferences are considered stuffy or boring, Blogathon is anything but. With the best food of just about any conference in the country, the atmosphere is more social than l“business networking”. While networking is a top priority, it’s done in a laid back Austin style.

Ilene Haddad is the founder of BlogathonATX, (for which she received the Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award) as well a a graphic designer, cartoonist, and blogger.  When asked why she hosts her event at TechRanch, she says “My vision for BlogathonATX was about much more than just content. The look and feel of the event was as important as the programming. I wanted a warm and inviting atmosphere with enough space for attendees to work and enjoy the day. One of the highlights of the venue is its flexibility. Every year we organize the rooms differently in order handle the ever-changing features presented at the conference. Tech Ranch’s layout allows for productive creativity without the formality of a typical office setting. And best of all, they allow us to bring in as much food from local vendors as we want! Try doing that in a hotel ballroom.” [Read more…]

Leaders Inspire Leaders Presents: OnePay


About OnePay:

OnePay was born out of something so simple, yet so frustrating and troublesome; bill paying. We saw that those around us had chronic trouble trying to stay on top of their bills, which resulted in forgetting to pay their bills, paying them late and receiving a penalty, keeping up with their multiple accounts, and overall not being able to manage them.

That’s why OnePay was born, in order to not only have a centralized place where you can manage all your monthly bills, but a complete team of people that is constantly looking out for you to save you time and money. [Read more…]

Release: Tech Ranch Launches New Set of Programs to Fill Gaps in Entrepreneur Education

Global ideas and innovation concept on blackboard

Tech Ranch Austin Launches New Set of Programs to Fill Gaps

in Entrepreneur Education

Austin, TX June 17, 2015Tech Ranch, a startup accelerator for early stage technology companies, has announced the launch of four new entrepreneur courses, available in-person, online and virtually, to guide tech entrepreneurs through the early growth and development of their ventures. The four courses range from a 4-week inspiration and exploratory curriculum, to a 6-month intensive program structured to achieve the company’s strategic growth objectives.

With an average enrollment of 20 entrepreneurs per cohort, each course aims to develop early-stage entrepreneurs alongside their technology, product development, sales and marketing and human resources infrastructure in order to better meet the challenges of competitive markets. Attracting venture stage capital, growing their customer base and/or closing a partnership are often end results of Tech Ranch’s more exhaustive programs.

Entrepreneur Development Programs [Read more…]

Are you ready? #DontFeartheFrontier Campaign Launch & Giveaway


Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling ProblemLet’s face it…entrepreneurship is scary! There are many reasons why the thought of starting a business instills fear. It involves risk (and somewhere down the line…reward), an ability to think outside the box while also getting tasks accomplished daily, extra time, financial give and take and of course, the high likelihood that you will fail (I believe the stat still claims that 9/10 will succumb to this fate).

The problem is that each of these things is true, but the decision to start your own company or become an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be spur of the moment, and there are ways to eliminate a lot of the risk associated – including a strong community and early stage exploration. In celebration of our growing community and the launch of our new development programs, we have decided to help 5 lucky people take that first step.

For the entire month of July, we’ll be running our #DontFeartheFrontier campaign! Our goal is to help individuals who are thinking about an idea (or multiple) finally take that first step toward making their dream a reality. Our new Venture Start Online Program allows individuals to take our interactive course at their own pace and whenever is convenient.

How does it work? [Read more…]

Co-Working v. Starbucks

coffee shop 2

By: Connor Finnigan, Entrepreneur

Being a self-employed entrepreneur, for years I worked from home and various coffee shops. Countless times I remember thinking, ‘surely there must be a better way,’ and then I discovered co-working, something I wish I had discovered a lot sooner. For a few months now I have been an extremely satisfied co-worker (or ‘Rancher’ as we call ourselves) here at Tech Ranch, and I would like to share a few noticeable differences in the co-working environment vs a makeshift coffee shop office: [Read more…]

The TR Feed: Ivan Collins, Reservation Genie

Reservation Genie1

Ivan is still an Android fan…why? Well, his first business out of college showcased restaurants and tours on computer kiosks in Austin hotels, but Steve Jobs and the iPhone’s emergence in 2007 put an end to that! Through that experience, plus the early years of Reservation Genie, Ivan and his team learned all of the pains, struggles and rip-offs restaurants go through in dealing with the world of online marketing. According to Ivan, “I was always at odds with the concierges at the hotels that hosted our kiosks as they wanted to help guests find information and earn tips. That’s where Reservation Genie was born, we created a private platform for hotel employees to book reservations for guests, deliver extra perks to those guests, and and earn a few bucks at the same time.

[Read more…]

Entrepreneurs Are Public Servants, Too – Voice & Exit

Voice and Exit

Guest Blogger: Max Borders, Voice & Exit

Everybody’s quick to honor our teachers, support the troops, or tip their hats to firefighters.

Fair enough. These can be challenging and sometimes dangerous jobs; these men and women undoubtedly deserve our admiration and gratitude.

But it’s time to honor the courage of a different kind of public servant: those who fearlessly risk their time and money to move civilization forward. Those who tirelessly work 80 hour weeks with little to no pay, yet do not receive standing ovations or ticker tape parades when their mission is complete.

It’s time to salute our forgotten public servant: the entrepreneur.

Let’s start with the brutal reality: 80 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs will fail.

That means 8 out of the 10 people who are trying to figure out a way to offer you some product, service, or experience will crash and burn trying. Emotionally, spiritually, and often financially.

Yes, they are trying to make a profit — but ask any startup founder the real reason why they launched their company…it’s certainly not money. There are much easier, less stressful, and more financially conservative ways to make a living than starting a business. Money is not the only motive.

It can be exhausting, frustrating, and emotionally deflating — and that’s before any indication of being able to call your business a success or failure.

Entrepreneurship is hard. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you can do. Now, it’s hard to imagine honoring the Gateses, Thiels, and Buffets of the world. After all, most of us honor them enough with our “certificates of performance” (cha-ching). But those guys are just the most visible, most successful entrepreneurs. [Read more…]

Leaders Inspire Leaders Presents: Student Spaces


Check out the latest podcast from Leaders Inspire Leaders featuring Tech Ranch’s own Venture Forth alums: Student Spaces!


Entrepreneurial Leadership Podcast:

Leaders Inspire Leaders focuses on host Koy McDermott interviewing some of the most influential entrepreneurial leaders of today, giving them a platform to tell their inspiring stories that will awaken the entrepreneurial leader that lies within us all.

Listeners will be empowered to bet on themselves, to listen to that voice inside urging them to step into the fullness of who they are and all that life has to offer. Instead of having guests meander to points of relevance, the show is formatted in a way that is insightful and engaging, and leaves the listener with practical, actionable items, as application is key! As iron sharpens iron, leaders inspire leaders.